1) Home or Away?
Both. I do need a space to be organized. I live in Harlem, and I love it there. There really is no other place like it + I feel lucky to call it my beat. 
But at the same time, my toiletry is always packed, ready to go. I spend a lot of time near the ocean: have lived in Amagansett + about to start a second year fellowship at The Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown, MA. I love it there in the winter. It's cold + desolate + surrounded by the sea. The sky moves so fast there.
Nothing beats being close to the ocean. It's like the quote in Moby Dick: "Yes, as everyone knows, meditation + water are wedded forever." That is undeniable in my experience.

2) Who are you + What is your message through creation?
I think making art is my most aggressive act. It's the realm where I can say + do anything.
I make sculptures + prints + drawings: I make them in tandem + they are informing the other. Sculptures take me a long time whereas drawing is very quick + spontaneous. I always start off with an idea but it never ends that way... The piece has to tell me what it wants to be. 
In life, I am concerned with other people's feelings. I want people to feel at ease. But with my work it's quite the opposite... it's my forum to be confrontational... to juxtapose awkward moments with refined + nuanced moments as well. 

3) Your first artistic encounter?
My dad took me to the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis when I was very young (in kindergarden). I remember there was a Picasso exhibit. There was a sketchbook behind glass, that changed my thinking. It was a moment that shifted the way I viewed everything.

4) Where is your most inspirational place?
Morocco. I've been a few times. My last trip there was about a year ago. I went alone + filled a sketchbook. I would love to travel across North Africa through Algeria + Libya all the way to Egypt. I'm obsessed with the book 'The Sheltering Sky' by Paul Bowles. The ideas of empty space, destruction, expanding space...

5) What is the first step in your creative process?
I try not to think. That only gets me in trouble. I always start out with an idea + what I end up with is very different from its origins. I have to be open to let the piece be what it wants to be. At a certain point if things are going well... I just follow its direction.

6) What are you working on at the moment? Any exciting future projects?
I'm making a series of prints on Sandra Bernhard + Nina Simone. It's about a day they spent together in Paris. I love both of them. I admire their bravery + strength.

7) Your favorite work? Why? 
It changes from hour to hour. I think just the act of making art can be very embarassing. I'm putting myself in a very vulnerable position because I'm articulating visually what I can't with words. 
But if I have to commit to one work today it would be this one:
 "For Auld Lang Syne" made of resin, plaster, fabric, gold leaf, wood, enamel paint.

For Auld Lang Syne
8) Your fantasized collaboration (dead or alive)?
I finished a great collaboration this summer with fantastic artist Matt Phillips. We painted a mural in a swimming pool, at the art residency in Denniston Hill (Sullivan County, NY). The image was generated from a star map of where the constellations are aligned in the night sky during the summer months over Denniston Hill. We had no idea what it would look like in the end because ultimately the water + the reflection from the sky above it are major elements to the final work. A good lesson in letting go. 

In terms of other collaborations I'd love: I adore Rachel Feinstein's sculptures. I think they are very whimsical + cavalier + brave. She was making pieces 15 years ago that look like they paved the way for a lot of artists working today... including myself + I think it's too bad she doesn't get the credit she deserves. 
I also really like Sharon Horvath - her art is very psychologically disturbing in a hidden way. 
I'd also like to collaborate with writer Jackie Thomas Kennedy.
As far as a fantasy collaboration... I would LOVE to work with Prince.

9) What is success for you?
Being generous without the expectation that it will come back to you. Success is also being fearless. How wonderful that must be. 

10) If you could pack only one thing in your suitcase, what would it be?
Listerine. My grandfather was a dentist. Teeth come up repeatedly in my work. Does my breath stink?

11) What would you imagine your last words to be?

This artist is based in New York, USA.

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